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Swaddle Buddy Guarantee

As a mother of three children, I don't even want to *think* about how much money has been wasted on products I purchased in desperate hopes of solving a problem.... only for it not to work. Teething rings, bottles, nipples, pacifiers, sippy cups, baby carriers, etc and so on.. and yes.. even swaddles.

Really, any product is only good if it helps YOU. There are lots of cool products on the market that make lots of promises about how it is THE solution to your problem. But what if it isn't?

There is NO risk in trying out any of the Swaddle Buddies to see if they will work for YOUR baby. Don't like it? Return it. <----That is how confident I am that my swaddles WILL keep your baby swaddled and as a result, help your baby sleep.

I cannot tell you how many moms write to me about all the money they wasted on other swaddles before a Swaddle Buddy™ was FINALLY the swaddle that worked!

If (within 30 days) you aren't completely happy with the Swaddle Buddy™ you purchased, just Contact Us. I will tell you where to send it back and I will refund your money. That's it.

Compare that to the return policies for other swaddles where you can't return it unless it's unopened and unused.

Why is our return policy different?

  • Swaddle Buddies work better than any other swaddle at keeping your baby securely swaddled and comfortable.
  • You will love it and recommend it to others in the same situation.
  • If you aren't happy as a customer, I'm not happy and want to know about it.. and why!
  • When you purchase something, it darn well better work as promised, and if it doesn't, you should get your money back

If you and your baby are suffering from sleep deprivation, believe me, I KNOW what you are going through!  I am here to help!